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Easy Fold Box


Materials: cheap copy paper, cut into a square

Tools: scissors, glue stick, ruler
With a pencil, and a ruler, mark an X from corner to corner
Fold one corner to meet center of X
Bring folded edge up to line
Open paper back out.

Fold each corner in same way, opening paper back out each time.
At this point your paper will look like this.
I highlighted fold lines in green just so you can see the folds.
Cut paper in fold shown
I have highlighted in red dotted lines, where you cut paper
Fold large triangle shaped "wings" back to original fold. It should look like this -->
Open halfway, standing up the side of box. Edge of "wing" now forms a flap. Fold flap toward center.
Repeat this step on both sides.
Now the remaining cut out "smaller wing" will fold over these flaps to center, forming the box
A little dab of glue stick on the tip will lock these flaps in.
Now that you know how this works, you can make a stronger box with cardstock.

To make a gift box, cut 2 squares: one a fraction larger than the other.
Size does not matter, as long as you start with a square.

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