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Featuring Peerless Watercolors,

and Peerless Transparent Metallics

With Peerless Watercolors

and Peerless Transparent Metallics,

you can create any amount of shimmer you wish,

with any color you wish.

You decide which metallic

compliments which colors

Sky Blue with silver PTM

Yellows and Oranges with gold PTM

Pinks and reds with Copper PTM

Orange and red with Copper PTM

Deep Blue with Silver PTM

Yellows with Gold PTM

When you get your Peerless set,

clip off a small square of each color

and attach them to a "palette"

This is an 8.5" x 11" sheet of coated white Cardstock, with all the colors from the

Complete Edition, and the Bonus Pack

Fill in first with yellow,

then highlight with shading of orange

Less is more when working with light colors

Always start out with a small amount of color,

and add more on one side to shade,

drawing the color out to blend

When doing several flowers,

be sure the values vary for a natural look

Vellum is a hard surface to water color on,

but Peerless is up to the challenge


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