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Shaving Cream Backgrounds



Stamps Used:

Mermaid #3138

Stamps Used:

Mermaid #1875

Hi #3612

Marbeling paper is an ancient art form.

We can modernize the technique so easily.



Cheap Shaving Cream

Cheap acrylic craft paints

Styrofoam Plate

Drywall Skimmer

Bamboo Skewer

Dye Ink for stamping



Shaving Cream backgrounds are so versatile.

You can choose any colors of acrylic craft paints

to go with your theme.

Or just play with different colors and decide what to use them for later.

Use any shaving cream on hand, or buy the cheapest you can find, quality doesn't matter for this.

Have cardstock cut into layer size ready.

This is another good use for light colors you don't care for.

Let pieces dry thoroughly before stamping on them.

Stamps Used:

Crab #1355

Happy Stamping !

See Shaving Cream Background Video:




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