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( another Tightwad Class)

There have been many interpretations of the technique called Serendipity.

This is my favorite method.

Start with a full 8.5" x 11"

sheet of black cardstock.

Use scraps, in a momochromatic theme.

Tear scraps very randomly, and cover back of each piece with glue stick- be generous with glue.

Place all over cardstock in a random design, overlap some, but allow the black cardstock to show through.

When sheet is covered, turn it over and burnish the back. (rub with a bone folder all over the back)

Choose 2-3 stamps,

stamp all over the scraps with 2-3 inks.

On this sheet, I used a calligraphy element stamp,

and a music background stamp.

Calligraphy element stamped in a blue pearlescent ink.

Music stamped in black.

Now you're ready to cut the sheet up into squares.

Size is up to you.

I cut 1.25" squares.

The possibilities for designing cards are endless.

Mount several on a panel

and place on a simple base card.

See samples below for ideas.

© V. Blancq 2004


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