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A Stronger Jewel Box



To make pins,

cut 2 panels of cardstock the same size

as the microscope slides.

DTP with chalk inks in lighter color

for desired background.

Stamp design on one panel with darker color.

Sandwich the panels with blank sides

facing each other,

wrap with metallic threads,and place between 2 slides.

Wrap outer edges with foil tape and burnish.

Wrap colored craft wire around outside, and embellish with beads.

Add self self stick pinback on back.

Blank tins were coated with Gesso.

DTP with chalk inks.

Stamp with chalk inks.

Heat set every application of inks.

Bottom of tin - DTP and stamp to match

Line insides of tin with corregated paper or a pile fabric such as Vellux

This tin was DTP and stamped

the same way.

I used Glossy Accents and added

mini holeless beads,

then filled in the remaining space

with Glossy Accents.

Bottom of tin is DTP

and stamped with chalk inks.

This one started out the same as the others, but got even more embelishment. One step at a time, add Glossy accents, beads and watch parts, let it dry, then add another color bead. To finish coat heavily with Glossy Accents to "imbed" the embelishments.

Bottom of tin is DTP

and stamped with chalk inks.

© V.Blancq 2004


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