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Taking Out The Trash with Jambalaya

This class was inspired by a challenge for using scraps.
You may never throw away another tiny shard of paper!
Strip Card step 1
On adhesive backed paper, lay scrap strips side by side on a diagonal
Strip Back
From the back, it's easy to trim the edges
Strip Card

Large Crackle #3603
Square Medallion #3354
Center Floral #3357
Believe #3579
Strip Card
Heart Background #1715
Bargello Card
Bargello starts out as a strip card, in straight lines. Then cut strips again in opposite direction, and chosing one color, position each strip in steps to form a pattern. Cut off excess and add to top, so whole strip is used on each row.
Background #3631
Scraps from Bargello
When trimming the Bargello strips, there were lots of tiny scraps that the design still showed in. So as not to waste anything, I put them on another piece of adhesive paper and added gold UTEE to imbed the scraps. Heat on a flat skillet, and add clear utee to cover scraps completely.

Lattice Background #3626
I had lots of strips in my scrap basket from trimming down cardstock. I made lattice edges on a lot of them with the large Fiskers edge punches.

Heart Square #3457
Lattice Trash
After punching a lot of Lattice edges, I had this pile of trash leftover from the punch. Too cool to waste, I sprinkled it on adhesive backed paper, then laid it in my skillet, and added clear utee. As that melted, I sprinkled other colors of embossing powders to highlight.

Heart #3493
Lattice Trash

Heart Square #3457
Punch Scraps
After filling a box full of "punchies" for future projects, I still had these odd but cool looking scraps. So I stuck them down on adhesives backed paper.
Scraps Enhanced
Naturally there was a lot of space not covered by scraps. I first poured mini beads on it, then covered with gold embossing powder.
Scrap Card
All the "punchies" were from scraps.

Valentine #1905


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