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Made in the Shade



There are so many uses for these Shading Templates, the possibilities are just endless.


Making a great background is easy.

Just use any colored pencils, or even childrens crayons, and rub lightly, like a coin rubbing.

It's very inexpensive too,

as this is done on simple copy paper

For a fun set of matching papers, you can use

both sides of most templates.

This is the reverse side of the bubbles.

Using both the obverse and reverse

of the butterfly template,

makes a great contrast between

background and focal piece

Using open images stamped on copy paper,

you can color on top of the shading templates,

to get a textured look

Polymer clay pressed into the shading templates, then cut into shapes with small cookie cutters. These will make great card elements, or could be made into jewelry.

These pieces have been coated with 2 layers

of Glossy Accents

Combining a paper cast background

with a clay element made on the same template.

Paper Castings, done with facial tissue.

Mix liquid starch with water (50/50)

and use in a spray bottle.

Tap each layer down with a stipple brush.

Let dry overnight.

Paper castings are colored with Fluid Chalk Inks

HVAC Duct Tape is dry embossed

then colored with Alcohol Inks

© V. Blancq August 2005



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