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Masking 101





Step 1

Stamp flower image several times

on text weight paper or post it notes

Carefully cut images out, on or just inside

the outer lines

Also stamp main flower image on white paper


Step 2

put mask over stamped flower

stamp leaf image on top of mask

Step 3

Take care to stamp leaf image where leaves would look natural

Step 4

Remove mask

The leaves that were stamped on top,

now appear to be behind the main image

Step 5

Continue adding to make a

natural arrangement of flowers


Step 5

Mask again, and add some fill in leaves


Step 6

Mask main images

add baby's breath

Step 7

When masks are removed

all the filler images appear to be behind

the main images

Step 8

Color in main images

Step 9

Now that you can see some of the main image colored, you may want to add more fillers, and baby's breath.

Mask main images again, and fill in

Step 10

Keep adding until your arrangement looks full

Step 11

Add the baby's breath where desired

To make the card, trim around scene as desired

layer on a complimentary piece of cardstock,

and trim in a similar fashion.

To soften the white background paper, use a color duster or stipple brush and softly add lettuce ink.

The sentiment is stamped with Versamark ink on white cardstock, and embossed with Champagne Pearlustre EP.

The white background is also softened by dusting

the lettuce ink to match the focal piece.


Andy did this "scene" on scratch paper just to demonstrate the technique,

and was about to throw it away,

but I snatched it and brought it home to make a card

Card Collaboration- Andy and Jambalaya

©Andy Wright and V. Blancq


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