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Jingle Card



Once you have your design,

setting up a production line will allow you

to make a lot of cards in the fastest time

This class will show how to make 36 cards in 3.5 hours


Step 1

Determine the amount- 36

Using 4 sheets of plain white cardstock

Punch scalloped oval

36 ovals punched

5 minutes

Step 2

Stamp focal image

Jingle #3845

using Brilliance Rocket Red Gold

10 minutes

Lay elements on sheets of

cardboard as you stamp

As stampers, we never have enough

horizontal space to let things dry.

Go vertical!

This is a common set of office

stacking letter trays, lightweight and inexpensive.

Makes a perfect drying rack.

By the time you finish

stamping each element, the first tray will be

dry enough for the next step

Step 3

Using Stubby Stick Pine Bough # 3982

and Brilliance Pearlescent Ivy,

stamp randomly around edge

of scallop to form wreath.

Stamp 2-3 times with each inking for depth

40 minutes

Take a quick break now,

and put away any tools and stamp pads you're done with.

Cut 4 sheets of red cardstock into ATC size

2.5" x 3.5"

5 minutes

If you're making ATC's, now is the time to put info on back of card

I print small address labels on computer

with e-mail addy

Stamp Stubby Stick

Jingle Bell #2603

on each corner of ATC

Using Brilliance Galaxy Gold

15 minutes

Don't fuss too much about

positioning perfectly

Always remember to stack in the same direction, top to bottom, so you'll know which ones are dry first

Adhere scalloped elements to ATC base

15 minutes

Randomly dot Stickles Red glitter glue for berries.

Do NOT try to be precise in placement.

When finished, put a dot of glitter on a scrap for testing for dryness.

20 minutes.


If you were just making ATC's you'd be finished now, LOL
Take a break for lunch, by the time you're done, glitter will be dry

Score and cut 18 sheets of Forest green Cardstock into A-2 cards

10 minutes

Stamp Holly flourish #4021

on 2 opposite corners of each card

using Brilliance Galaxy Gold

30 minutes

By the time you're done stamping the corner flourish, the first cards will be dry enough to adhere the ATC to center

20 minutes

For inside inserts, Using plain white cardstock, trim 1/2" off 2 sides, then cut in quarters- 4" x 5.25"

5 minutes

Stamp greeting sentiment on inserts

10 minutes

Adhere inserts

15 minutes

©V. Blancq December 2007


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