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It's been said that stamping

to save money on cards

is a lot like buying a yacht

to save money on fish.

Well, I'm here to tell you, stamping has saved me a fortune on decorating my home.

Blank covers from Do-it-yourself stores

range from 22 cents to

maybe $1.50 for the larger ones.

DTP - in this case means

Direct To Plastic

Using a Clorbox Stylus Tool to

blend colors by gently tapping

Heat set

Production Line

Don't forget to color the screws to match.

Details count.

Lay bare stamp on flat surface, image side up.

Bring object to stamp for more control

Decorator light switch covers range from $3 - $15 EACH

in home improvement stores


Colorbox Fluid Chalk Option Pad in Blossom Pastels, DTP (in this case Direct To Plastic) a background,

then stamp randomly.

Heat set each application of ink so it won't smear as you work, then heat set whole plate after stamping.

This outlet cover is sponged first with Lumiere acrylic paint, then stamped with Gold Brilliance ink

A cabinet knob similar to this sells for about $5.00 in the home improvement stores.

My cost counting paint and inks,

approximately 35 cents.

Set up in production line style.

Base coat is Indigo Lumiere.

Top coat is Halo Violet Lumiere

Stamped with Purple Stazon.

Wall is painted first with a light purple.

Glaze is mixed with dark purple.

Glaze is applied with plastic grocery bags wadded up and used like a stamp to pounce the glaze.

Same as purples, but this wall is light blue base,

with dark blue glaze

Close up of faux finish.

If I wasn't a stamper,

I wouldn't have known how to create this

faux finish on my walls.

Saved a lot of money on a professional painter.

And wouldn't this finish look great

on cardstock as a background?

©V. Blancq April 2006


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