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Dual Duty Stamps




An elegant Christmas tree

Embossed and cut out closely, then turned upside down,

it's now an elegant Victorian fan


Ink just the side edge using dye ink, or a brush marker

Mask the cat, and stamp the "grass"
use waterbrush to pull color out from grass to fill in and shade

                      #3583                                 #3252

                       It's a heart, or a design, or a leaf!


This stamp has many uses, it can be a dotted background, holly berries, or baby's breath


Card Artist Becky Roberts

Cut apart and used individually


Just parts of leaves were used


The inner heart was cut out for petals

Card Artist- Brenda Frey


A weeping willow branch , or

upside down, it's seaweed.


Look carefully at fish's tail.

Ink just the tail

and it's a sea plant!

Opalite inks on black matte cardstock



or Hair!

Card Artist- Andy Wright

Card Artist - Andy Wright

©V. Blancq January 2005


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