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Counter Culture Art

Countertop laminate "chip" samples make a wonderful small canvas for many techniques.
These are stamped with permanent ink and heat set, then colored with permanent markers.

Persian Element #3595

Carousel Horse #2006

Tragedy/Comedy #1558

Swirl Star #3570

Using various embossing powders, make a background on chip.

Then ink stamp with Brilliance ink.

Stamp into molten ep and allow to cool before removing stamp.
If the chip is beautiful on it's own, just use clear embossing powder.

Square Design #1683

Key #3072


These are stamped with Brilliance ink, and heat set.

Bamboo #3386
Large Coin #3533
Small Coin #3534
Love Chop #3393


Deco Key #3587
Mini Dominoes are used for Spotlighting part of the design.
The Carousel domino is done with Brilliance inks for the background,
design stamped with brilliance, then colored with permanent markers.

Carousel Horse #2006

Calligiaphy Design #2700


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