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Different Colors for Christmas




10 colors you'd never expect to see

on a Christmas Card

Spice brown



Chocolate brown

Peacock Blue

Sage green

Hot pink

Bright Canary yellow

Sandy biege

Deep Eggplant purple

Sage green makes a nice neutral background for the Spice Gingerbread Man

The sandy beige makes a nice neutral background for the Salmon poinsettia

The Nutcracker wears any color well

Interference Perfect Pearls really pop on Black

Poinsettias can be any color,

even in real life

So surely, they can be hot pink on a card

Using the deep eggplant

behind it makes it very dramatic

Santa looks antique stamped in brown and highlighted with 2 shades of browns

Deep Eggplant highlighted with peacock blue and bright silver makes a very cheerful Snowman

©V Blancq Nov 2006


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