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Cheap Tricks


Cheap Paints

another tightwad class




All techniques use cheap acrylic craft paints

Shaving Cream Paper

I use 2 clean trays, one for the cream,

one to clean the paper in

Spray a layer of shaving cream,

a little bigger than the paper

Just drop acrylic paints in,

if using several colors,

take care not to mix too much,

or you'll have mud

Use a wood skewer or chopstick,

Run the skewer through the cream,

allowing paint to swirl

Press paper into cream,

making sure the whole surface makes contact

Lift gently from one corner

Lay the paper, cream side up

in a clean tray,

use a wide pallette knife,

or scrapper to remove cream

Once excess cream is removed,

wipe paper with a paper towel.

Set aside to dry

Credit Card Scrape

Drop paint randomly all over cardstock,

Using 2 or 3 colors and one metallic

Using credit card,

scrape in straight lines to spread paint

Keeping the card straight,

pull it through paint till paper is covered

Turn paper and scrape paint in the other direction

Take care here not to scrape too much

or it will get muddy

When scraping the second direction,

Have a paper towel ready to

wipe excess paint off the credit card

Rip Off Technique

Squirt paint on freezer paper

Plastic side up

Using 2 or 3 colors plus one metallic

Put second sheet of freezer paper on top,

making sure the plastic side is facing the paint

Very gently

smoosh the paint between the papers,

until you can see the paint is all over

You can tell when papers are well covered

Starting from one corner

Rip the top sheet off.

The faster you rip the more marbling

When done, you'll have 2 mirror images

Let dry, then trim off the edges

©Vicki Blancq 2005


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