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Card Keeper



2 pieces of Chipboard cut 6.5" x 9.5"

2 sheets 12"x12" patterned scrapbook paper

1 sheet contrasting patterened scrapbook paper,

cut 2 pieces 6"x 9" for inside cover

Be sure to save all scraps to make matching cards


12" x 12" Cardstock(cut 12"x9")

ATG tape, or red liner tape for closing bottom of page

Fold each page in half, folds face the outside of book

For detailed instructions on cutting pocket and folds,

see Directions

For more page folds see More Samples

When stamping the flap, be sure to insert scrap paper inside page, and under flap

Add pockets on the back of a few pages to hold

a book of stamps, address labels, etc.

Easy Quick Cards


Making some of the cards with the leftover scraps

of patterned papers will bring the

whole project together, and make it look

like you did it on purpose.


Using Evo Templates draw a shape

on the back of the cardstock,

then trim shape with any decorative scissors,

gives you endless choices.

You get to choose the shape, size, and the edging.

Much more economical than the huge punches,

and a lot easier to store!!

© V. Blancq  August 2007


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